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UbiSlate / Aakash Reviews

    The New Indian Express “Design Apps to empower women” “DataWind UbiSlate 7Ci is one of the best tablet available in the market with budget-friendly price tab.” “Tablet Sends Shock Waves Through The Industry” “Five Most Disruptive Technologies of 2012”
    Venture Beat “I Want This”
    Forbes “World Changing Indeed”
    Union Ministers “Union ministers give thumbs up to Aakash II”
    Readwrite “People were stunned... You hold one in your hand it’s easy to imagine the next billion people coming online.”
    UN Event “Launch the Aakash2 Tablet.”
    World Bank “How to enable the next billion Internet users?”
    Quartz “$25 tablets, $2 mobile data plans, and zero margins - how the internet is about to gain 3 billion new users”
    Quartz “The five most disruptive technologies of 2012”
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    Mars “Internet for the masses: How Datawind plans to change emerging economies”
    Forbes “Impact of Suneet Singh Tuli - CEO, Datawind”
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    Huffington Post “Watch The World's Cheapest Tablet In Action”
    India College Search “Aakash-2 a Hit among Teachers!”
    Times of India “Low-cost Aakash-2 gets teachers thumbs up”
    The Daily Beast “DataWind Prepared $20 Tablet Computer for Indian Market”