• Inspire! An app that would provide a daily text message on key leadership traits
  • Learn! An app that allows leaders to show how they reached their goals, lessons learned, and share advice
  • Partner! Work with a leading educational institution to develop an online leadership academy. Partnership can also be: A match making app, to connect with complementary organizations – "better together" type of thing.
  • Profiles in leadership. Known and less known tales of leadership from around the world.

Conflict Resolution

  • An app that showcases effective conflicts that were resolved whether between two people or a larger group, and shares ideas about how to resolve conflicts
  • A global app that would match people who seek to resolve conflicts and connects volunteers to serve as conflict negotiators and counselors
  • An app that allows two conflicting parties to submit their conflict to a group of conflict negotiators.


  • Create an app to match mentors with protégés in a particular industry or area of interest
  • Create an app that links to a YouTube channel where users post interviews with leaders from across the planet
  • Inspire and Guide! An app that shares stories about mentors who inspire and guide and what people do with that leadership


  • Match great ideas for a young woman with a great idea with local partners and financing options
  • Create an online business plan app, which includes other important resources, links and a forum for discussion
  • Collect ideas of what entrepreneurship means in different countries and regions, how success and impact are measured and how others can support/get involved


  • Jobs 101: How to match your skills with jobs that are available in your region, how to create a resume (with samples and template), and how to network and find jobs.
  • Careers: How to become more motivated about a current job and a career tracker that shows the various careers it can lead to
  • Reinvention: Most people change careers multiple times throughout their lives. Create a useful tool to show how past experience leads to career choices.


  • Stay in school - go back to school. Young people and women, in particular, share the benefits of education and teachers who made a difference in their lives.
  • Education: empowerment, inspiration and opportunity. Create a comprehensive app that goes beyond the classroom, improves lives and delivers fulfillment and rewards.
  • Digital learning: Create an app that harnesses the digital learning resources, including options to digital degrees.

Out of the Box

  • Joy! What is it, how have others found it and where is it? (hint: look inside)
  • Innovation: Create a digital platform for innovation, specific to regions, but with opportunities to cross-polentate
  • Ask the judges: Come up with your own inspired, brilliant ideas and work with the judges, who can help guide you.